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Why Premarital Consultation or Counselling is Important

  • July 05, 2023
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Marriage is a significant phase of our lives. When we decide to spend our entire life with someone, it's a tough decision because it shapes our future for many years to come. 

Whether you're a girl or a boy, making this decision can be challenging. We may not know the person well enough to know what it's like to live with them for a lifetime, whether it's an arranged or a love marriage.

When we decide to marry someone, it's common to ask important questions about their work, salary, likes, dislikes, and food habits. But their are so many other questions are there to ask because nowadays, divorces happen over small reasons that could have been addressed before getting married. 

People struggle to adjust and have a hard time tolerating things they don't like.

We enter into marriage with the hope of living a happy life and supporting each other. But it's important to remember that adjustment is a part of married life. 

If you spend most of your time just trying to adjust to the person or their family, you won't be happy. Before marrying someone, it's crucial to understand the level of adjustment required in your daily life with that person. Many times, we make decisions based on assumptions, which can lead to an unhappy married life. 

So, it's vital for you to be clear about your expectations and the adjustments you'll need to make after marriage.

When you try to ask multiple questions or clarify your doubts with the family of your potential partner, they might feel like you're interrogating them. 
It can be challenging to ask all the questions you have in mind. That's where we come in as Premarital Consultants

Here's what you can expect from our premarital consultation: 

  1. Understanding the level of adjustment required: We will help you determine how much adjustment you'll need to make after marrying the person. 
  2. Knowing the expectations of the opposite family: This applies to both boys and girls. You will gain clarity about what the family expects from you. 
  3. Avoiding conflicts in the future: We can guide you on how to prevent unnecessary arguments or conflicts (known as Grah-Kalesh) after marriage. 
  4. Increased confidence in your decision: Our discussions will provide you with valuable feedback to make a more informed and confident decision about your marriage.

We are here to support you in making a better decision and ensure you have a fulfilling married life.

Dhani Ram Sahu - Premarital Consultant


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